Getting our joinery on

What do you do when you have a whole load of books and DVDs and only a small space to put them all. If you’re us, you decide making a bookcase would be great fun. Bookcases don’t seem all that hard until you think you might recycle some wood from a secret wall and add some drawers. I am convinced getting something from a shop would have been much easier, but I am just as convinced that it wouldn’t have fitted or been as much fun.

A while ago you might remember we discovered a secret set of doors in our wall. Above those doors were some random vent things, the vents were made out of painted rimu. So I decided they’d look charming as a shelf, if only we had all the tools most joiners have (biscuit jointers etc). Somehow Mystery DIY Man managed to create a bench top with a certain amount of ‘jiggery pokery’, and a whole load of sanding by Number Two.

In the end I am so pleased with the top I am going to make Mystery DIY Man make another one..not that I have told him this yet. Surprise.

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