I have a scrapbook

I have a scrapbook, not one of those fancy ones with all the striped paper and floral borders. This scrapbook is more like the one you took to kindy and stuck all your works of art in. Just like when I was at kindy I cut out lots of pictures and glue them into my scrapbook, sometimes I do some artwork as well. My scrapbook is basically a collection of all my ideas around the house. Sometimes there are useful drawings of exactly what I have imagines, other times there are scribbles that two weeks later I can’t fathom. I started keeping everything together when we did the kitchen renovation. It turns out I can’t explain what I want very well, but I can at least scrawl it out. Sometimes Mystery DIY Man can eventually understand what I want after a few sketches (and some loud listening).

Today, I rediscovered my scrapbook and decided to add all the bathroom ideas together. I looked through the book and found my old sketches/designs for the bathroom – it is very interesting to see the changes. Most of the changes are due to money constraints – trying to get a bit smarter with the odd space available. Looking at today’s ‘design’ I think it might just work, but I am sure something will change before the renovation is finished. The first plan included a door to the laundry and a shub. The mother-ship has informed me that shubs are very ugly, so she approves of the new design. For some reason there is no storage anywhere in the house, nothing, nada. Zip. So we have to build in a linen cupboard…in the bathroom. At least there won’t be any inappropriate towel runs.

I recommend if you’re doing large renovations get yourself a scrapbook (if for no other reason than the childhood memories of a glue stick and coloured pencils) and keep all your ideas in one place.


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