Bathroom reno – Day 5

Someone put a hole in the wall. Well at least that is the end of the story, it did take quite a while to get there.

Last week when we took the wall boards off we discovered a few wee DIY tricks (or complete fails) a previous owner had left us. So we (Mystery DIY Man – I just sat on my bucket waiting for fetch and carry tasks) set about righting some of the wrongs. The first one being the missing section of top plate, Mystery DIY Man got to work in the ceiling space. Apparently it is quite uncomfortable on your hands and knees on the uneven rimu ceiling joists. After about 12hours in the roof space we managed to fit the 1.8m of timber that was require to ensure the ceiling stays put. 1.8m of timber in 12hrs! I hope the rest of the project is a bit easier.

After the ceiling support was sorted the rest of the work on the wall was fairly straight forward. I quite enjoy seeing the plans I have designed and drawn up appear in real life. It is always interesting to see if what you imagined is actually what you get. Mystery DIY Man finally cut the the hole in the lounge wall yesterday – I have been planning this gap for at least 24months. So far it is hard to appreciate what a difference it has made as there are still 4 big pieces of timber holding up the roof – just in case the new lintel decides to break through the floor.  Mystery DIY Man is currently digging footings for the piles – looks like a pretty awful job.


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