And so starts a new project

For the last 3years Mystery DIY Man has been working towards a diploma at work (Vascular Ultrasound no less). Yesterday saw him finish his final written exams (there are still more practical and oral exams to go), but that means that now we’re allowed to start the next project. The Bathroom. A daunting, but exciting prospect. Behind the scenes I have been making plans for a while, but I still haven’t worked out all the details. I know which walls I want to remove (nothing is ever simple). I’ve also worked out where things are going to go, but what are they going to look like?

To give you a bit of background to our bathroom: it is a teeny tiny mould box. The room itself is the size of two baths next to each other, with a toilet in the neighboring room. The only ventilation in the room is the window bang-splat in the middle of the bath/shower. If you want to ventilate the room you must also expose yourself to the neighbors. Currently the toilet has no plasterboard on the walls, and holes in the floor so is quite nicely ventilated. The ventilation holes do however lead to furry visitors.

To get back into the swing of things Mystery DIY Man and I went on a date to Mitre 10 Mega (and then Placemakers…and then Bunnings) so I could take photos of various items and change my mind at least 5 times. As always I have collected quite a stack of reading material (with lots of photos) – as an aside the reading material meet a swift death about 5min ago (glass of water).  After looking at all the glossy photos I decided I didn’t actually like any of the vanities, Mystery DIY Man is now going to have to learn how to make a rimu benchtop (how hard can it be?).

The next few weeks will involve a whole load of research (budget) and working out what we need to do to get building consent. But I did manage to buy a sink half an hour ago so the project has officially started! Let the fun begin.

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