Three years on

So it has been 3 years (I am a bit late writing this post). Three years ago in February Mystery DIY Man and myself found ourselves the owners of a 97yr old ‘classic bungalow’ with issues (we didn’t know it had so many). As young, bright eyed and bushy tailed first home owners we set off to make our mark on this little house. Skip forward a few years to 2013 and the little house is now fondly referred to as Pioneer House. Marking its 100th year of existence Pioneer House now sports a new kitchen; lounge; garden; fireplace; garage roof; paint scheme; electrics; plumbing and website. I am sure it probably has new other things as well but I have purged those trials and tribulations from my memory.

I was searching back through my photos of Pioneer House recently and stumbled across the original real estate listing – I decided it would be a great idea to remake this. Due to a decided lack of time/effort and real estate photography skills the 2013 version doesn’t look any better than the 2010 version. Mystery DIY Man did comment that somehow Cutlers had made the old bathroom look good (magic?).


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