Bathroom Reno – very delayed update

We’ve been busy, very busy. Labour weekend turned up suddenly in New Zealand and we decided an extra day in the weekend was the perfect excuse to rip everything out of the bathroom. Turns out the bathtub was cast iron. Took two of NZ’s finest soldiers to shift that bad boy out. But by the end of the weekend the majority of the bathroom was gone (that includes the toilet).

20121107-204007.jpgWith everything removed from the bathroom the space looks massive, palatial even. I am a little worried it might be too spacious, but I am sure when it is finished it will be fine. It doesn’t look like we have made much progress in the room since then. We (royal we) have however managed to rip all the old flooring up, discover it was supported by a couple of bricks, some dirt and a piece of polystyrene. The outside wall of the house was completely unsupported in some areas! It is now almost finished, there are proper joists and bearers in place. We have also had the plumbing done, and had the house rewired. Pretty exciting stuff, now the metre man doesn’t have to try and get inside our house.

So while there are not a load of update photos things are trucking along. Mystery DIY seems suitably exhausted which I am sure is evidence of progress.

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