Bathroom Reno – progress

It has been a while since we moved out of the house (since Labour Weekend) – one of my lovely friends from band has put us up at her house. She must be mad, but I don’t think we could have started this project without her help.

Things in the bathroom seem to be ticking along nicely, of course we’re trying to get everything done in between Christmas parties, farewells meals and software upgrades at work. But we have managed to tick off many items on my ‘bathroom to-do list’

  • underfloor insulation
  • floor laying
  • wall insulation
  • gib fixing
  • gib stopping
  • painting (Mystery DIY Man hates painting so this was a 1 lady effort)
  • cupboard creating
  • architaves
  • undertile heating
  • shower base installation

I suspect this list is actually longer but that is all I can think of at the moment. The newest thing for us was laying undertile heating cable. There are many many instruction manuals out there and of course they all differ slightly (even for the same set). The basic idea is you run these cables along your floor and secure them with painters tape and then put a floor levelling compound over the top. Sounds relatively painless, until you learn you’re not allowed to cut the cable. Somehow you need to be fantastic at estimating how much you need (it is a big loop once it is in the wall) and then lay it out without the wires crossing each other or getting closer than 60mm from each other. Perhaps this would have been easier in the regular shaped room? Thankfully by some miracle ours fitted perfectly, it would have been quite annoying to have to wind it all back up and start again.

When we got home from work today we got out first look at what our finished bathroom is going to look like, the tiler has been in and laid some of the shower tiles. I was a bit worried coming home that I would hate the tiles we picked and it would be too late to do anything about it. Thankfully they look pretty good at the moment – I wouldn’t have wanted to announce to Mystery DIY Man that I wasn’t a fan!

By then end of the week I am meant to have plumbing back in my bathroom – watch this space!


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