Boxes to tick

I like to plan, plot, make lists and generally feel organising (feeling and being are different). So far with the bathroom I have made a long list of things that need to happen. There are many ducks to line up before the renovation even starts. I suspect I will be worn out before the building even begins.

Anyways, the real point of this story is the latest box to tick – building consent. This is quite a long process and we have only just started. If you can wade your way through about 30pages of forms and work out what you’re actually meant to be doing that’s a very good start. Otherwise you’re liable to discover most of the building people at the local council are sick of dealing with people that don’t know what is happening (we were reminded 0f this). Luckily, we’re only trying to knock out a wall and put a large hole in another wall so in the scheme of building consents it is quite straight forward. Our building consent had to have multiple copies of our lintel design (sadly there won’t be any fancy roman lintels in the bathroom), evidence that we own the house and lots of floors plans (current and proposed).

Once everything is together for a building consent you have to get it to the council. Now you’d think this wasn’t much of a challenge – well, the universe thought we needed a challenge. After at least 5days of solid rain, building consent day came and the rain stayed. Needless to say we arrived at the council buildings looking akin to drowned rats. Then we got quizzed about everything and given a bill. Paid the bill and the consent is submitted. Now the waiting game begins. Did we tick all the boxes? Apparently we find out in 10days time. Then we can start putting holes in things.

Best go make some more lists.

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