Seen it all?

We started ripping out the lounge the other day, and I must admit I thought I had seen it all. How much more could a little 118sqm house possibly hold? Now any house that survived 100yrs has probably seen its fair share of questionable DIY activities. I am sure someone will look back at our work and wonder what on earth we were thinking. But, I digress.

After all but finishing the bathroom Mystery DIY Man and I decided that the lounge was going to be a breeze. So happily we toddled off and started ripping off wall boards. From his heights on the top of the ladder I hear a bit of a snigger, a sharp intake of breath and ‘Wow’. Being really keen and excited I asked for an explanation of what had been found, apparently words would have wrecked it so I should take a look. Low and behold rather than being plaster board we were removing it was mdf. Under the mdf lay some painted rimu louvers that looks very much like large vents. The wall we were ripping down is the wall that separates the spare room from the lounge, so what were vent things doing there? Rather than question ‘art’ we had a laugh and moved on expecting nothing much else to happen. Oh how wrong we were. Slightly further down the wall we discover some pink batts – awesome, finally some insulation! But really it was just wrapping for what was about to appear…removing the pink batts revealed what can only be described as a 70s painted glass masterpiece – some secret doors.


Shortly after the above photo was taken I had to have a sit down, it was all a bit much to take in. So many questions to answer. I’m not sure what the correct response is to Surprise 70s Doors, but mine was laughter, lots of it.

I’m not sure words can adequately describe the situation so I shall leave you with some more photos of how much better it got – you can have your own reaction.


2013-02-03 13.52.01-1 Doors

Before I go – anyone fancy a new door?

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