It’s the little things

So, I got a new camera lens today. A vintage lens as it has lovingly been referred to as by Photo Guy. Because I am not very good at taking photos of vistas or people I opt to take photos of little things. I figured it was about time I got a macro lens. I wasn’t sure how much I would use the lens so I decided I’d buy a rather old macro lens without all the bells and whistles (and price tag). This lens is never going to help me stalk anything with ears as the auto focus sounds something akin to a 50yr old tractor, luckily I favor plants. It does feel quite classy with its metal casing, even if it is missing a few extra niceties – it is pioneering. The lens I purchased is a Canon Macro LensĀ  f2.8 – the original non-USM macro lens.

I managed to hold off taking too many photos while at work, but didn’t last much more than 10min after work. I stopped off at dusk at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens to find something little to stalk up on. Below are my ‘learning’ shots – I suspect I will need to go on a few more learning expeditions (what a shame).

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