Happy as a Pig in Mud

Do you need an excuse to make a cake? I don’t think so, but I like to have one nonetheless. So when IT Guy made it known that he was coming up to his 1 year milestone (1 year of successfully working with me) – I figured that was a good enough reason. So I set to dreaming up what this cake would be, I had decided that it wasn’t going to be decorated because I was quite busy (poor excuse). But, it was going to be my favourite Heart Attack Chocolate Cake. So with a plan planned Mystery DIY Man and I headed to the supermarket after working where I suddenly decided I would decorate the cake, and what a great idea it would be to copy a cake idea I had seen earlier in the year. We chucked an extra 2 packets of mini Kit-Kats into the basket and we were set. Mystery DIY Man headed off to play toy soldiers and I was left to get creative.

The cake itself was made relatively easily (except that in the end I think it was a bit overcooked), the next question was how to cool the cake quick enough so I could avoid midnight decorating. Turns out the laundry is the ideal cooling location. With the cake cooling in the laundry I set to making a dark chocolate ganache to ice the cake. At about this point I decided it would be a good idea to check the Kit-Kats were tall enough…they weren’t. Emergency trip in the Red Racer to the supermarket and I became the girl buying 15 regular sized Kit-Kats…and only Kit-Kats. I used the self checkout aisle so I didn’t have to deal with the sympathetic looks from the check out assistants. Once safely back at Pioneer House with my loot I coloured up some fondant and started attempting to craft pigs. Thankfully pigs consist mainly of round balls and triangles so reasonably easy for someone artistically challenged like myself. After the pigs were created and reclining on some Gladwrap, I slapped some icing on the edge of the cake and stood the Kit-Kats up around the cake. They kept falling off so I tied them up with a ribbon and then poured the ganache on top so it looked like a giant mud pool. The next big question was when did I put the pigs in? Too warm and they would drown, too cool and they would look daft. I think I probably should have waiting a few minutes longer as I had to battle the two reclining pigs because they kept running away. I also almost lost a few feet – but it seems to have worked OK.

Mystery DIY Man helped transport the cake to work the next day where it seemed to be very gratefully received – and even photographed by the paps (aka Palladium Cube).


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