Fondue and 70s Abominations

After watching The Supersizers Go several times Number Two decided it would be a great idea to host a Seventies Dinner Party complete with fondue and Frankfurter Spectacular (more on this later). A week or two of research later and it became fairly obvious that we were in for an interesting evening. The 70s seem to be completely about look (even if it doesn’t look very appealing now) and pre-prepared food. A few tips for a 70s evening – have parsley, lots of it and put it everywhere. Cover every plate with lettuce leaves – these are key (not sure what for).

The Menu

  • Mateus
  • Traffic Lights
  • Blue Punch
  • Pink and Green Crackers
  • Kiwi Dip platter
  • Hedgehogs
  • Cheese Fondue with baguette and rookwurst
  • Frankfurter Spectacular
  • Devils on Horseback
  • Curried Eggs
  • Sweet and Spicy Meatballs
  • Crinkle Cut Chips
  • Cheerios
  • Angel Delight with Lime Jelly
  • Chocolate Fondue with marshmallows and strawberries

Frankfurter Spectacular

The one item on that list that really deserves a mention is the one item that didn’t get eaten – Frankfurter Spectacular. Based on a 1974 Weight Watchers recipe card this dish boggles the mind. Why anyone in their right mind would stab a whole pineapple with frankfurters is beyond us.

Trying to produce a similar structure in May, in Dunedin is a feat in itself. The first difficulty was how to attach the frankfurters – easily solved: toothpicks. Next drama, to save on transportation costs all the available pineapples had had their leaves chopped off – how were we meant to produce something like the card? Enter the cos lettuce that had gone mad in the garden. The only problem we never solved was how you were meant to eat the thing, we decided it was a Weight Watchers meal simply because you were unable to eat it. Made a good talking piece though.

Fondue and tips

Fondue is nice and easy to make – but no one ever tells you want you can and can’t fondue. You can put almost anything into a cheese fondue: cheerios; bread; gherkins; devils on horseback; carrot sticks – the question is what can you put in a chocolate fondue? The answer is most certainly not cold cheerios or gherkins, marshmallows on the other hand are much more appropriate.

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