Food Truck Chips and a Mandolin

I’ve been wanting to buy a mandolin for quite some time (the cutting variety versus the musical type), but I figured I needed something to do with it before buying one. So I figured some salt and vinegar chips would be just the business. If you watched The Food Truck recently you’d have seen the chips he made – I figured I could make them too.

Fairly easy to do, cut up some potatoes (3mm slices), put them on a lightly oiled baking tray, sprinkle with white pepper, salt and a little more oil. Bake in the oven at 150° until they are crispy. You can either eat them like that, or make some salt and vinegar flavouring for them. Mix together a tablespoon of salt with half a tablespoon of cider vinegar. Put this in the microwave for 5min, and then grind up the dried salt. Sprinkle a little over your chips, and save the rest for your next batch of chips.

Verdict – mandolin was great fun, just need to find some more things to slice up. Oh, chips were good too.

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